Focus on Health :: half way check-in

Can’t believe we’re halfway through January already! MissC turns 3 next week and I haven’t even thought about her birthday (let alone started making her birthday crown…). My studies are still on there back burner and, well you can see how regularly in managing to blog.

I have, however been pretty successful in the health stakes.

Month one of my Focus on Life project is Focus on Health, and I feel like I’ve managed to do that without making major sacrifices. This pleases me, because I think what I’m doing may just be sustainable.

So what does Focus on Health look like for me?

Glad to say that 15 days in and I’m doing really well! Tuesday was the first day all month that I didn’t do 3km or 30 minutes; in fact, I’ve been running more consistently than I ever have before. I’m going gang busters without coffee (though yesterday morning in the city was a bit if a challenge… It’s part of my city ritual to get a coffee before work). I’m in bed at 10 pm every night and most days have my 2L water. Admittedly that’s been pretty easy with this heat!

And… I’m day 8 of my #Whole30. It’s been fun this time around to try and keep it as cheap and easy as possible. I’ll post more about how that’s going soon.

Did you set any goals for the new year? How are you traveling?


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