January goals and a ramble about my child who’s actually trying to kill me.

23 days into January and I gotta say I think I’m doing alright. My goals for this month were pretty simple: ditch coffee, go to bed before 10pm, drink 2L water daily, do 3km or 30 minutes a day and commence another Whole30.

I haven’t been able to tick off every goal every day though, and do you know something? I honestly feel rubbish for it. A couple of days I’ve missed my water intake, which usually coincides with not doing any exercise, which usually comes as a result of a late night. There have been a few times that 10pm has gone by like a whisper and I’ve found myself on the other side of 11pm. Once due to birthday prep for MissC and the other times thanks to MasterL.


His sleeping SUCKS by the way. For a kid who used to sleep from 7-4 in his infancy, he’s taken the 4 month sleep regression and pretty well hung on to it now for the last TWELVE MONTHS. Ok, maybe that’s a bit unfair. He did manage to let me resettle him without the boob at about 10 1/2 months of age, and then slept through for a few weeks before his 1st birthday. Then shortly after he turned one he started waking overnight and not simply wanting a feed but DEMANDING a feed before he would settle back to sleep. And before you get all ‘he’s one, be the parent’ on me, this boy can tantrum. He is Captain Cruisy 98% of the time, until he’s not, and then he lets loose like I have never seen before. It’s actually kinda impressive. And before you get all ‘he’s one, be the parent’ on me again, over his  tantruming, the kid would literally wail, non-stop, full-volume, for as long as it took me to renig and just bloody feed him – usually about 45 minutes. Which is definitely pushing boundaries when you have another sleeping toddler in the house.

He’s settled back into a manageable pattern of 2-3 feeds during the day (depending on whether or not i’m at work) and one overnight, but I am well and truly ready for this night waking to be over. It’s killing me. It’d be ok if day sleeps were a relatively pleasant experience, but they’re not. We’ve moved him off the mattress on our floor, back into the cot in his own room and once he falls asleep he’s ok, but getting to sleep has turned into another drama. Unless he is absolutely completely knackered and falls asleep on the boob he Will. Not. fall asleep for me. Day or night, he just won’t.

Crawls up to Grandma, sits on her lap and sings in her ear while she sings back to him and cuddles him to sleep. Has a brief whinge when Daddyo lies in the cot beside him, holding his arms by his side, then falls asleep. Wriggles and giggles and carries on sticking his fingers up my nose and in my eyes when I hold him and sing. Whinges and wriggles and kicks and fights and spits his dummy and cries cuz he doesn’t have it and flips his body over and tries to sit up and tantrums lying down and basically does anything he can to fight sleep when I jump in the cot and hold him close.

So I’ve taken to getting all hardcore on him. I get out of the cot and sit beside it on the floor. He stands up, I take out his dummy until he lies down, then I give it back. If he doesn’t lie down, I lie him down. Again and again and again. He crawls around the cot, reaches through the bars, grabs what he can, throws his dummy away, cries cuz it’s gone. etc etc etc.

I try ignoring him, just sitting beside him.

I try the pat pat pat on the mattress.

I am at my wits end trying to put him to bloody bed.

Did I  mention that I think he’s actually trying to kill me?

This month has made me so acutely aware of how important sleep is. On the odd occasion that I go to sleep at 930 I am in a much better position to deal with interrupted sleep and early mornings (oh yes, they both wake before 6am most days). On the more routine 10pm nights with only one feed and a seamless transition back to bed, I feel like I’m able to stay afloat. Every other night I feel my patience, my mood, my nice-to-be-around-ness all falling deeper and deeper into a hole of unpleasantness.

I’m not going to get all Tizzie Hall on MasterL but I think Robin Baker might be getting dusted off for a bit of hard-core mummy routine. Something’s gotta change.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jessiekreid
    Jan 26, 2015 @ 03:39:58

    Oh you poor thing, going without sleep can be so hard. I promise you that this will pass but I can’t say when 😦 adorable little people can be so vexatious.



  2. Contented Mama Journey
    Mar 17, 2015 @ 05:19:43

    How’s the sleep going my love and where are you?



  3. aparentinglife
    Jun 16, 2015 @ 05:47:20

    Hope the sleeping thing is going a bit better now. There is little worse than not getting enough sleep. I know it makes me all kinds of incredibly stabby



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