what is vitalogy?

Long before being immortalised as a Pearl Jam album, back in the early 1900s infact, Vitalogy was the most popular home health encyclopaedia of it’s time. Although some of the practices and recommendations within it’s pages make you cringe/laugh/snort your coffee/wonder how we progressed as a species, it is an interesting view on medicine with plenty of elements that could easily be a supplement to what we commonly know about health. It describes yoga, the menaces of tobacco and other drugs, and common rules one might live by in order to live a richer life. 

We stumbled upon our 1936 edition one year at the Lifeline Bookfair. I was a mad keen Pearl Jam fan and the cover immediately caught my eye. We snapped it up and took it with us to a friend’s house for tea where we proceeded to entertain our hosts with the marvels of early 20th century medicine. As we sat around the fire drinking wine, we imagined our retirement: living commune style on a large block of land with our nearest and dearest friends in houses close enough to push a wheelie-walker to, but far enough away for privacy and independence. We imagined the rolling hills and the fruit trees. We imagined the nurse who’d swan in a couple of times a week if/when necessary. And we imagined the wrought iron gates at the entrance with ‘Vitalogy’ intricately weaving it’s way through the decorative iron.

That book is now one of my favourite posessions. Not one to get ahead of myself (retirement commune notwithstanding) throughout the first 12 months or so of my studies I spent too many hours wondering what I would call my personal training business. When my husband reminded me of our dreams of Vitalogy I knew that he’d hit the nail on the head. Vitalogy Health and Fitness was born… in blog form at this stage anyway!


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