about jenn

I’m a wife, mum, registered nurse, wannabe yogi and Kangatraining instructor and personal trainer in training with a passion for pregnancy and post-natal fitness. I love baby wearing and breast feeding. I’m a chai-addicted, reformed coffee addict and I love to run.In time this blog will form part of my business, for now it’s a bit of a health/fitness/wellness jumble while I finish my studies and balance family life.

For most of my adolescence I’ve been concerned with my body shape and composition and my weight has fluctuated within 7kg for much of that time. With the weight fluctuations came self esteem fluctuations with every kilo up or down. When I was pregnant with my daughter I gained 15kg and can honestly say I loved every extra kg I put on. I was amazed by what my body was doing, how it was transforming and nurturing and growing. I finally realised that skinny isn’t where it’s at – skinny fat and TOFI (thin on the outside, fat on the inside) are real – a healthy body is much more than a pert butt in size 8 jeans.

After the birth of my daughter I looked for some post-natal fitness in my area and was surprised to find very little. There was an expensive mums and bubs yoga near by, and a mum-fit class an hour away… neither of which suited my needs or finances at the time. I decided I’d like to help mums get in shape again after giving birth and set about to get qualified. I don’t want to make people HAWT – to be honest I think the fitness industry (as a whole) has a lot to answer for when it comes to our collective self esteem – but I am interested in helping people to function as their bodies were designed to, to promote health and wellness through moving, stretching, playing and being.

It’s been a bit of a mission actually. I’ve finished my Cert III in Fitness, have recently started my Cert IV and then plan to get my antenatal health qualifications. I’m also planning to qualify as a Kangatraining instructor in January next year so stay tuned!

If you’d like to get in touch you can email me here: jennunger1@gmail.com

Please feel free to say G’day!

Jenn xx

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I'm a mama to two beautiful babies. I have started this blog to gather my thoughts and try to improve who I am as a person but particularly as a mother, wife, daughter and sister.

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