January :: focus on health

So 2015 is my year to Focus on Life. Every month I will choose a different area of life to focus on, with a list of things of like to achieve.

January is Focus on Health month.

Here are my commitments:

Ditch coffee. I haven’t had one for a few days now and they were intermittent before that. I don’t like how coffee makes me feel like such a slave to it. I hate how addictive it is, I worry about the chemical load (coffee has one of the highest pesticide doses of all crops) and I don’t think it does good things to my sleep.

Do another Whole30. I’m starting on Jan 8th after our family holiday, but have already cut down on snacking and increased the nutrient density of my meals. I felt ah-amazing during and after my last Whole30 but Christmas kinda got in the way. It was by far my least “treat”-filed Christmas but I’ve still managed to put on a couple of kg and definitely feel more sluggish.

Drink 2L water a day. This may just be my most difficult commitment. I really struggle to drink enough fluids, even when it’s hot.

3km or 30 minutes every day. I saw this on Pinterest the other day and think is a great way to ensure that I just do SOMETHING each day. The 30 minutes can be anything: yoga, Pilates, strength training, jumping on the trampoline, kayaking, whatever; it just has to be some kind of movement. And the loop from our house around the bay and back again is 3km so that’s convenient. Over the month I plan to increase my running distance to 5km a few times a week but I love that 3km is an achievable minimum.

Go to bed by 10pm.
Did I say drinking enough water would be my biggest challenge? I think this might actually tie on first place for most difficult commitment to keep. The kids go to sleep so badly at the moment that those precious couple of hours after they finally go down are really hard to let go of. Still, as long as they’re waking at 530am, and as long as MasterL continues to wake overnight for a feed, the more important getting an early night is.

So there you go, my Focus on Health commitments. Have you made any health related goals this January?


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