new year, new focus

New Years Day. Don’t you just love it? A fresh start, an empty book, a whole lotta inspiration and potential. New goals, new habits, new opportunities. No excuses, no baggage, just a whole lot of magical new yearly focus.


Every New Years Eve T and I write a list of goals for the year. We have a book especially for these yearly lists. We don’t open the book throughout the year, just crack it open on the 31st over a glass of wine and tick, cross or give half marks against each point. Then write another list. It’s amazing how many we ticked off this year without really thinking about it.

Still, I love a good challenge.

When skulking around the interwebs they other day, thinking about coffee, I discovered Leo Babauta’s A Year of Living Without. He cut out one thing a month for twelve months in a bid to make More Room for Life. At the end of each month he would evaluate how he went and whether or not he would continue with the omission.

I am a total challenge junkie AND am in the process of saying goodbye to coffee, so straight away this appealed to me. I told T about it and then spent the rest of the day thinking about things to give up, yelling out as they came to mind…

“A month without spending!”
“A month without nasty chemicals!”
“A month without iPhones!”
“A month without technology between 7pm and 7am! ”

With each exclamation T would chuckle/scoff at me. “Why can’t you just make changes?” He asked. “Why do you have to turn everything in to a thing?
“Where’s your sense of adventure Bootz?”

Despite my outer enthusiasm, by that stage I was internally clutching at straws trying to come up with twelve things to ditch. I’ve already quit sugar. I eat very few grains/legumes/dairy. I couldn’t manage a month without meat. Sex? I’m pretty sure I’d be disowned (although, let’s face it, we have been married seven years and had two kids under two… A month without is probably not unheard of).

I thought maybe I’ll just do six months, but that just seemed half arsed. Then I was trying to come up with clever opposites to things I wanted to do, for example a month with out sedentary-ness (exercise every day), a month without stress (meditate every day), etc… But it all started to feel a bit negative on it.

It was then that T suggested that I read The Happiness Project and maybe try and create something a little more tailored to me. I’m only a couple of chapters in though and somehow it’s already January 1st, so in the interest of beginning as I mean to go on, I’ve just planned a few months worth of focus points and i’ll create the rest as I go on.

focus on life 2015

Every month I’ll focus on a different aspect of my life, with specific tasks in each and at the end of the month I’ll consider the impact and make a decision about continuing on with the changes or reverting to how we did things before.

January = Focus on Health.

  • Ditch coffee
  • Do another Whole30 (I’m starting on Jan 8th after our family holiday)
  • Drink 2L water a day
  • 3km or 30 minutes every day
  • Go to bed by 10pm

 And with that, I must be off… It’s 9:42pm; I can’t break my own rules on day one!

Have you set any goals for the new year?

Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope your 2015 is a cracker. xx



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