things i know :: the Whole 30 edition

On Tuesday I completed my first Whole 30 Challenge.

I feel so great, so on top of my eating, so much like I need to share a few things I know about my little one-gal, whole-food eating experiment.

Which is handy, because today I’m linking up with Ann from Help! I’m Stuck! for Things I Know… A weekly blog link up about, well, things you know. Funny that!

So here goes.

I KNOW that eating this way (real, whole foods for 30 days – no sugar, no legumes, no dairy, no grains) has made me feel better than I have in months.

I KNOW that for the first time in living memory, I went looking for a new pair of swimmers the other day and almost left the store with three pairs! It was actually a pleasant surprise to try on several pairs and have to pick the best of a good bunch, rather than the best of a bad bunch.

Speaking of appearance, I KNOW that my face likes the way I am eating.

I KNOW that I am far less sick than I would have been if I’d been eating as I used to when this bloody flu hit our household like a ton of bricks (though sadly I haven’t escaped the lurgy all together – much to my disappointment, but I am faaaaar better off than the rest of my clan).

I KNOW that I can now fit into both of my pairs of size 10, pre-pregnancy jeans.

I KNOW that I’m no longer constipated, no longer bloated, no longer unhappy in the belly.

I KNOW that I have kicked my coffee habit.

I KNOW that I have far fewer energy slumps during the day and no longer crave high-energy foods to ‘get me through the day’. In fact, despite the fact that Master L seems to be waking far more often overnight than he ever has before, I can function well during the day… yep, even without coffee!! … and I sleep well at night (around the waking).

I KNOW that I still have some food connections that aren’t great. On day 31 I tried one rolled oat cookie that T made for Miss C. They were healthy (so healthy that she didn’t go back for seconds, which is saying something for her!) – oats, dates, nuts, spices  and coconut oil I think – and even though I didn’t particularly enjoy the first mouthful I still somehow ate the whole thing. I know that oats do not fall under the ‘Foods With No Brakes’ category, which means it was the mere biscuit factor that had me going back for more (and more and more).

I KNOW that the above cookie incident was enough for me to not rush out and try any other foods that have been off limits for the last 30-odd days! I want to finish reading It Starts With Food first and then figure out how best to test drive some of my old foods!

I KNOW that said cookie incident is completely overshadowed by the massive food win that I had last week when I realised that I don’t actually have to eat everything on my plate – even if it is delicious.

I KNOW that eating this way is sustainable for me. I simply have no desire to slide back into my old habits.

I KNOW that I am super glad that I get Rhianna’s blog updates in my email, because without her I wouldn’t have known that TIK is now being hosted by Ann. Thanks Rhi x

Have a fabulous weekend!

Jenn xx


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