it’s Spring Day! (and Whole 30 days 15-21)

Happy Spring Day!

September 1st is my favourite day of the year, and I especially love it when it falls on a Monday. First day of the week, first day of the month, first day of the season (and my favourite season at that). If there was a Most Inspiring Day of the Year award, today would win hands down.

Spring Day

Two years ago today the lovely Kate (who also loves Spring Day) started OperationMOVE: a challenge for herself and her readers to pledge a certain number of minutes that they would commit to movement for the month. Such a great idea and one that has taken off faster and wider than I’m sure she ever imagined it would. I’m not an active Operation Mover anymore but I love to check in with the team from time to time and see the great success that have taken place as a result of Kate’s little challenge.

The thing that I loved most about OpMOVE was that it wasn’t about busting any great records or committing yourself up to your eyeballs (though both ok if so desired!) but rather about just committing to moving x number of minutes a month; just getting out there and doing something. It’s gentle but encouraging, it allows you to challenge and compete against yourself if you wish, and it’s been amazing to see so many women become empowered and take control of their health and fitness.

Bravo Kate.

Spring has always been about health and fitness for me. I’ve historically been a bit of a sedentary winter person and then, spurred by glossy magazine covers (GET YOUR BEST BIKINI BODY EVER!), upcoming softball season and warm, sunny days I get my mojo back from September 1 and start the annual ‘health’ kick of low fat, calorie restricted foods and do my darnedest to work my butt off.

For the last couple of years I’ve been in the sugar-free, full-fat camp so dietary changes have been less drastic (though still a bit of a tighten up), I’ve been having babies, so the desire to get My Best Bikini Body Ever has dwindled somewhat, and due to where we have lived I’ve not been playing softball. Still I see Spring Day as a chance to pull my socks up a little higher and set some Big Hairy Audacious Goals and cut the crap that inevitably still seeps into my winter diet.

In Health and Fitness Land, this year Spring Day has actually been a little bit of an anti climax. I’ve been running every week for the last couple of months and am now at 7km. I’m on day 22 of the Whole 30 and feel as though this is something I will be able to maintain (albeit perhaps with some dairy if I don’t have any problems when I start eating it again!). I’ve not done anything different today because I’ve already been treating my body well… And it feels good to already Be the Change.

In general Jenn Land it’s been a BRILLIANT Spring Day. After weeks of rainy days, today has been spectacular. The sun is shining, the flowers are opening up to soak in the rays. We took an earlyish walk to the station to drop off some visitors and continued on around the bay. We had a wee birthday party at the river-beach for one of C’s little friends, in and out of the water in and out of the sun. We’ve eaten delicious, wholesome, nourishing food. Life is good! We’ve got rain predicted again for much of the week to come so I just love that today has been so perfect.

It wouldn’t be Spring Day without at least thinking about my exercise and nutrition. Last week was week three of my first Whole 30 and I’m still glad to report that I’ve been going really well. As I mentioned, I feel as though this is a foodie lifestyle that I feel like I can maintain. My energy levels are good (except for the fatigue that comes with a frequently waking nine month old – and even then I’m surprisingly on top of things), my gut seems to be pretty happy, I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans (woot!!), my skin seems brighter, my nails less brittle, my mood pretty stable. All good things! I’m still snacking a couple of times per day, which isn’t strictly Whole 30 but I think since I’m feeding a monster baby that’s ok. I’m still not drinking enough water, which probably also contributes to the desire to snack.

I had a food realisation today. I crave sweets when I’m hot. After a few hours in the sun today I came home and stared straight into the pantry and then the fridge, looking for something – ANYTHING – that would satisfy my sweet craving. I’d eaten a bit of mixed fruit at the birthday party so didn’t want to eat another orange (though the semi frozen fruit at the bottom of. Y fridge screamed my name!) and for some silly reason I just didn’t fancy water. I ate a carrot and a couple of teaspoons of almond, Brazil and cashew nut spread and a cup of tea with coconut milk, all of which kind sorta didn’t really do the trick but at least made me aware of my previous habit which would have been ice cream/yoghurt/milk then failing that peanut butter toast… Because that fixes everything right!?

Did I mention that I need to drink more water!?!?

I’ve been really proud of my running over the last few weeks, running 6km two Fridays ago and 7km this Friday just gone. That’s by far the furthest I’ve run in… I don’t know how long! Possibly since the 8km Mothers Day Classic last year. What I need to improve on is stretching, resistance training and looking after my legs with more gradual increases in distance. I just really wanna complete the 10k run in three weeks time! I think so long as I do a couple of shorter runs throughout the week and love the foam roller like I know I should, then my knees should feel less shock and more like contributing to a comfortable longer run.

So… Goals for this week:

  • Drink 2L water a day, ON TOP OF tea
  • Before reaching for a snack, have a glass of water
  • Roll out my ITB before and after each of three runs (2 x 3km, 1 x 8km)
  • Do at least one yoga class, plus stretch for 10 mins every day
  • Do some resistance leg work!

Do you love Spring? Have you made any health and fitness goals?


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