a quick catch up, and why you should wear sunscreen

I haven’t posted anything for a while. I’ve been busy, yes, but it’s mostly because I found out that ‘Vitalogy Health & Fitness’ is already registered as an Australian Business Name.Then I listened to my Cert IV Business Operations and Marketing lecture and -much like they do in Bloggersville – they were talking about having a niche. And having a name that represents your brand and your niche. So then I got all in my head (and all over twitter) about how to morph ‘Vitalogy Health & Fitness’ into something pregnancy and post natally related, whilst still keeping Vitalogy. And then in the end I spoke to my father in law and he came up with the catchy ‘Natal Days Health and Fitness’ which I quite like, so obviously spent a good few hours designing and perfecting a wee logo for my new business.

Natal Days logo

Yes, I am only two modules into my Cert IV.

Yes, I have QUITE a ways to go before I am qualified and can actually run a fitness business.

Still, some things you just gotta do right? Logos are important 😉

Oh, and I started another blog and started transferring posts from here to there. Started thinking about rebranding and writing more niche specific content, started the Whole 30.

And then I thought about buying a gym and the idea of Vitalogy Health & Fitness bounced back in my head as I pondered life as a gym owner and personal trainer to the broader public (with a focus on pregnancy etc), not merely a self employed, meet-you-at-your-desired-location personal trainer to pregnant and post-natal women. I thought about how it would turn our worlds upside down (both positively and negatively, no doubt) and about how it might be the poorest and most fulfilling years of our life. Or the poorest first year and then financially freeing decision we make.  And things like that.

And then Hubby (furthermore known as T) said what about our 2016 Road Trip? And it reminded me that when we look over the sale information we need to make sure we consider ALL aspects of our lives that will be affected, not just the obvious time and financial ones.

So I’m back in the Natal Days camp. But as I write this though I keep thinking about how much I like the word vitalogy even though it’s not officially a word. I like it because it sounds like vitality, which is such a great word and reminds me of life, which reminds me of birth, which brings me back to the niche. So maybe I can still use Vitalogy SOMEHOW.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’ve got time to think about it all still. In the mean time I’m going to move the new posts from there to here again and stay in this happy little place for a bit.

NOW, the reason for my post!

I just saw this video on Upworthy and LOVED it. I’ve been extremely slack with sunscreen over the last few years – living in a bleak town for 4 years will do that to you – and it’s a habit that I’ve had trouble breaking since we moved to the river. Not anymore.

Jenn x


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