i’m doing the Whole 30

I'm doing the whole 30On a bit of a whim, I’m doing the Whole 30. I read about it a few weeks ago when I was in the middle of a fortnight-long cold and thought it might be a good way to boost my immune system, then my husband teased me and said ‘you just love a good challenge, don’t you?’ and I got cold feet.

The thing is, I DO love a good challenge. I’ve historically been a bit of a challenge junkie – and have never been ashamed about it before –  so why start now? I. love. challenges.

The thing is, I’ve also realised that I am quite the little organiser, easily motivated but not easily committed… and more into the planning of things than the actioning. I decided a couple of months ago that I needed to stop thinking and start doing and so I’m going a bit rogue and not doing a big plan before I start, but rather just taking it a day at a time. NOT how it’s meant to be done. I also recently realised that making and sharing Big Hairy Audacious Goals online doesn’t work for me and rather that it’s just about being mindful. About paying attention to my body and how it feels. About making small adjustments that I can stick to, rather than sweeping change.

So isn’t this all a bit hypocritical? Perhaps. The thing is that I currently have zero readers on this wee blog, and I haven’t publicised it anywhere so it’s really like a journal at this stage. And as for the sweeping change factor?

I’m tired. Like bone tired, not I was up too late tired.
My skin is dry.
I’ve had a virus for weeks that I can’t shake.
I’ve had a headache for a week.
I feel bloated and I weigh a few kg more than I’d like to.
I’ve rekindled my love affair with sugar. It’s early days in the relationship but we’ve been seeing a bit of each other recently.
I eat too much bread.
I don’t drink enough water.
I have a terrible attention span.

I think a little 30 day-whole food experiment might just help me with some of these issues.

Here’s my day 1 face.

whole 30 day 1 face

I’ll journal daily but publish weekly… don’t really want to fill up my new little blog with thousands of Whole 30 posts.



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